More partners with Amazon to launch the eero 6+

09 May 2023

Note: We have since removed the $2.99/mth eero Secure subscription fee and now provide the eero Secure subscription at no additional cost for use with a compatible More internet service.* 

More has launced the eero 6+, a new Wi-Fi 6 enabled device that offers fast internet speeds, quick set up and seamless home networking.


More is one of the first providers in Australia to partner with eero, an Amazon company, to add the eero 6+ to their product mix.


Starting Tuesday 9 May 2023, customers with an existing More internet plan (or new subscribers) can purchase an eero 6+ router for $159.00 including GST and free shipping.  


“The eero 6+ represents a major step forward in the world of fast internet and is a top choice for anyone looking for high-performance Wi-Fi and home networking” said Andrew Branson, CEO of More.


 “With its dual band functionality and Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, this device can support speeds of up to a gigabit with a compatible internet plan and can handle more than 75 connected devices.”1 


“The eero 6+ offers premium Wi-Fi performance for the whole family to stream content, work and download large files at the same time. Each 6+ device offers coverage up to 140 square meters – the same size as a one or two bedroom house.” 


“With built-in mesh network technology, the eero 6+ allows users to connect multiple eero devices to increase coverage, creating a unified network throughout the home that can help to eliminate many of the common pain points: blackspots, dropped video calls and buffering” Mr Branson added. 


“The eero is also one of the most secure and safe routers on the market thanks to its inbuilt eero secure technology which includes active threat protection, world-class encryption, self-set content filtering, network insights and a block and allow website feature. We're glad to offer our customers an initial 12-month subscription to eero Secure at no additional cost.”2


With the eero 6+, the ability to troubleshoot any issues is streamlined via greater insights available to our customer support team and technicians, as well as the option to access your network remotely, with your approval, to resolve problems.


The eero 6+ is also backward compatible, meaning customers can combine previous generation eero devices with the eero 6+ on the same network.


Additionally, the eero 6+ doubles as a smart home hub that connects compatible Zigbee and Thread devices on the network, allowing users to control their lights, locks, plugs, and more with account linking.


An eero Secure subscription also offers internet backup which allows you to temporarily switch over to a backup source – such as a mobile hotspot – to keep you online if your internet goes down. Once the outage is over, your eero 6+ will automatically switch back to your fixed connection.


Setting up the eero 6+ is easy with the eero mobile app, which guides users through the setup process in minutes.


The eero 6+ is a top choice for anyone looking for a fast, reliable and high-performance Wi-Fi.


Purchase your  More NBN plan and eero 6+ today at:


1 If your More internet plan does not provide you with the maximum supported speed achievable with your eero device, you will not experience that maximum speed. Maximum network speeds reflect combined supported speeds across wired and wireless clients. Actual range and performance can vary, and maximum supported speeds may not be available to all customers, due to factors such as local regulations (including power limits), network configuration, interference, connected devices, device usage, building materials, and obstructions. See for more details regarding terms for eero products, software and services. For more information about eero performance, visit 


2 An eero Secure subscription is provided to each More customer for 12 months at no additional cost when you purchase of an eero device from More for use in combination with a compatible More internet plan. After this, your eero Secure subscription automatically converts to a paid month-to-month service and you will be charged monthly in advance at the recommend retail price (RRP) per account current at that time as part of your standard monthly bill until your eero Secure subscription is cancelled. This offer and the provision of your eero Secure subscription are subject to the full offer T&Cs, applicable standard terms of service and policies available on the Policy page ( of our website.

*eero Secure subscriptions are subject to More’s Standard Form of Agreement  – Part I and other applicable policies available on our Policies page.

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