Enjoy a range of features with eero Secure

eero Internet Backup

Outages happen. When they do, eero’s Internet Backup feature will allow you to switch to an alternate internet connection (e.g., mobile/phone hotspot) so you can keep connected. When the outage is over, the eero network will automatically switch back to your wired connection, how clever! ^

How to set up an internet backup >

Advanced Security

With an eero Secure subscription, you get access to active threat protection which helps to keep your eero home network safe from cyber threats by blocking access to malicious sites and protecting your connected devices from malware.1

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Content Filters

An eero Secure subscription comes with content filters that help to prevent your children from seeing certain categories of inappropriate content when connected to your eero network.

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Block & Allow

Block & Allow gives parents more granular control over which individual sites and apps your children can and can’t visit when they’re connected to your eero network.

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Ad Blocking

Tired of getting a million pop-up ads when you’re just trying to read an article? Say goodbye to annoying pop-ups. eero Secure helps improve your internet experience by blocking a variety of intrusive ads on devices connected to your eero network for a better browsing experience.

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Easy to set up

eero Secure is easy to set up and use with the eero mobile app. Once your eero Secure subscription is activated, you can simply download the eero app and follow the prompts to set up your secure network.

How to set up your eero 6+ >

Multi-user support

You eero Secure subscription operates at an account level to protect all users connected to your home eero network, making it a great solution for families.

How to create user profiles >

Insights – Knowledge is power

eero Secure gives you insights into your household’s historical network usage and performance, so you can see who’s consuming the most data and keep track of your usage over time.

How to view your data usage >

eero Secure enhances your eero with services to help keep your household’s connected devices safe and secure .

* eero Secure subscriptions are subject to More's Standard Form of Agreement - Part 1 and other applicable policies available on our Policies page

^ eero Internet Backup requires a compatible backup internet connection in range of a compatible eero devices. More does not guarantee zero disruption and brief network downtime may occur during failover. You are responsible for applicable data charges with backup internet connection providers and ensuring authorized use. Network speeds are dependent on the backup provider, and coverage, uptime, technology, and speeds will vary. Will require backup power if the power goes out. Certain eero features may be incompatible with eero Internet Backup.

1 This feature is intended for personal use only and is not suitable as a comprehensive security solution for businesses.


eero 6+ is a mesh Wi-Fi device that connects to your nbn® connection box to provide fast, strong, and stable Wi-Fi. eero’s TrueMesh technology enables you to connect multiple eeros to create a mesh network that provides unified, wide ranging and flexible Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. This is unlike traditional Wi-Fi systems, which use boosters to amplify a signal. If you are an existing customer you can purchase an eero 6+ right here.

eero devices can also help you manage your smart home (account linking required) and come with world-class encryption and security protocols built-in. Whether you’re working, learning or playing at home, eero gives you a connection that won’t slow you down while helping to keep your online experiences safe and secure.  

The eero 6+ has sixth generation standard of W-Fi technology, providing premium wifi performance and speeds up to a gigabit (if you have an internet plan capable of supporting this speed),¹ without the premium price tag. eero 6+ supports additional wifi bandwidth with access to the 160 MHz radio channel. That’s just wifi talk for faster connectivity. With the eero 6+, there’s enough bandwidth for the whole family to work, stream, and video chat—all at the same time. 

The eero 6+ features include:  

  • Wi-Fi 6 coverage up to 140 square metres, which is the average size of a 1-2-bedroom home. 
  • Smart technology to reduce drop-offs and provide fast, reliable wifi. 
  • Entertainment-ready wifi to download 4K content, stream music and play online games in confidence.  
  • Smart home hub functionality to control Thread and Zigbee devices (account linking required). 
  • Simple, app controlled and guided set up to connect devices and create a wireless mesh network. 
  • Supports 75+ connected devices simultaneously. 
  • Easy system expansion with cross compatible hardware (though for peak performance, using eeros of the same generation is best).  
  • Ongoing software updates to help keep your network and data safe and secure.  
¹  Internet connection speeds and availability depend on the speed of the internet plan you have with More. If your internet plan does not provide you with the maximum supported speed achievable with your eero device, you will not experience that maximum speed. Maximum network speeds, if applicable, reflect combined supported speeds across wired and wireless clients. Maximum wireless signal rates are derived from IEEE 802.11 standard. Specifications assume wired Ethernet connection; your experienced speed may vary when connected to an eero device that is configured as a wireless extender. eero devices are only compatible for use with FTTC, FTTP, HFC and Fixed Wireless internet access technologies. Coverage estimates are based on normal use conditions. Actual range and performance can vary, and maximum supported speeds may not be available to all customers, due to factors such as local regulations (including power limits), network configuration, interference, connected devices, device usage, building materials, and obstructions. Specifications are based on use of a Wi-Fi 6 or later generation client device. See for more details regarding terms for eero products, software and services. For more information about eero performance, visit 

Existing customers can purchase an eero6+ right here.
When you purchase an eero device from More, we will provide you with an ongoing subscription to eero Secure at no additional cost for use with a compatible More internet service.*

eero Secure enhances your eero with services to help keep your connected devices safe and secure, assist you in blocking and managing content and providing you with network insights. The features of eero Secure include (subject to change from time to time on provision of reasonable notice):  



eero Internet Backup 

Connect eero network to an alternate internet data hotspot to keep the network up and running during an outage. 

Advanced Security 

Advanced protection against online threats for all the devices on your network. 

Block Ads 

Block Ads to remove ads from websites and applications. 

Block / Allow websites 

Block / Allow websites to block or allow specific websites on your network or devices. Block access to individual websites and apps. Allow access to individual sites and apps that may otherwise be blocked by content filters. 

Block apps 

Ability to block popular apps per profile. 


SafeSearch to feel rest assured that Google search results are appropriate. 

Content Filtering  

Use Content Filtering to set profile-specific filters against different types of content. 

Network Insights 

See your family’s historical network usage and eero performance data over time. 

*eero Secure subscriptions are subject to More’s Standard Form of Agreement – Part I and other applicable policies available on our Policies page
Instructions on how to easily set up your eero and network can be found in our quick start guide and below.  

Step 1: Download the free eero app from the App Store or Google Play Store.  

Step 2: Create an eero account.
  • You can sign up to eero using your phone number, email address or existing Amazon account.  

Step 3: Connect your eero.  
  • Unplug your router and modem from power as well as any other devices connected to your modem. 
  • Connect your eero to your modem from either of the ethernet ports using the ethernet cable.   
  • Plug the eero and modem into an available power outlet. The eero LED light will start flashing white to indicate start up.   

Step 4:
Create your eero network.  
  • After pressing next in the eero app, it will begin to look for your eero. The router will begin to flash blue and then present a solid blue light once detected.  
  • Select a location for your eero in the app and then enter your network name and network password, this is how other devices will join your network. Click next to complete set up. 

Step 5:
Add eero device to expand your network.  
  • When adding eero device to your network please keep in mind the following placement tips:  
  • If you have a dead spot, try to place your new eero device between the dead spot and another eero device to ensure a strong connection.  
  • Try not to place your eero device inside a media console or cabinet, behind or underneath any large furniture.  
  • Avoid placing your euro device in front, on top of or under any electronics or appliances as metal objects can block wifi signals. 

Now that your eero network is set up you’re free to do all the things you love online like stream music, read, and play video games!  
You can connect your smart devices to your eero network once you have linked your eero account with your Amazon account. If you didn’t link your accounts upon sign up, you can do so by:  
  • Logging into the eero app. 
  • Navigate to the Discover tab. 
  • Select ‘Amazon Connected Home’ 
  • Tap ‘Connect to Amazon’ and login using your Amazon account. 
Once your accounts are linked, your enabled devices join the network almost instantly when plugged in and stay connected even when you change your network name or password through the Amazon Frustration-Free Setup. 
You can set custom schedules, control internet access, and apply content filters by creating profiles through the eero mobile app.

How to create a profile:

- Select the ‘Home’ tab and tap on the + symbol in the top right corner of the screen. 
- Select ‘Add a Profile’ from the pop-up menu.
- Add a profile name.  
- Select which devices to add to a profile. 
- Tap ‘Done’. 

How to pause your Wi-Fi network by setting schedules for specific profiles or devices:

- Select the ‘Home’ tab and tap the profile or device for which you want to set a schedule.
- Select ‘Add a Scheduled Pause’. 
- Update the schedule name, start time, end time, and frequency for the scheduled pause, then tap ‘Save’. 
A guest network allows you to easily share your home Wi-Fi with family and friends while protecting network security. You can enable and disable your guest network at any time through the eero mobile app. 

To create a guest network: 

  1. Tap on the ‘Settings’ tab.  
  2. From the menu, select ‘Guest Access’.  
  3. Toggle ‘Guest Access’ to ‘On’. 
  4. Select ‘Share QR Code’ or ‘Share wifi Details’ for guests to be able to connect.  
The speed test analyses the upload and download speeds at your eero.

To conduct a speed test: 

  1. Tap on the ‘Activity’ tab. 
  2. Tap a tile on the ‘Internet’ section. 
  3. Tap ‘Run Speed Test’. 
To view data usage on your eero network:  

  1. Tap on the ‘Activity’ tab.  
  2. Tap on ‘Downloaded Data’ to view the overall wifi data usage. 
  3. Tap ‘Show Live Usage’ to view current Wi-Fi data usage where you are presented with data breakdown by profile and device by the day, week, and month.
Regular software updates are available to you through the eero mobile app to bring you the latest and greatest in eero Wi-Fi. Software security updates are guaranteed until at least five years after the device is last available for purchase on the eero websites. After that time, eero strive to provide software security updates for as long as they can (subject to technical and other limitations).  

If there is a software upgrade available for your network, follow these instructions to start the upgrade process:

  1. Tap the ‘Settings’ tab. 
  2. Select ‘Software updates.’
  3. Tap ‘Install Now’.
  4. Read the update details and select ‘Yes, update now’ if you want to update your system.

Customers can now select their preferred time window for software updates. The default setting is 2 AM local time.

Through the eero app you can turn your eero LED lights off or on to best suit your preferences.

To manage your eero’s LED light:  

  • From the ‘Home’ tab tap on the ‘Online’ bubble at the top.  
  • Select the eero you’d like to edit and tap on ‘LED Light’.  
  • Here you can toggle the LED Lights to your desired setting, either on or off.  
  • Click the back arrow to save your changes. 
As a troubleshooting step, it is generally recommended to power cycle your eero by unplugging its power cable, waiting 30 seconds and plugging it back in before attempting a reset. If you need to do a reset, you can do so by pushing the reset button on the bottom of your eero 6+. Make sure your eero 6+ has been powered on for at least 45 seconds before resetting it.  

For a soft reset to clear all network configurations from the eero but keep the eero on your network, save its logs and advanced settings:  
  • Hold the reset button until its LED flashes yellow (7 seconds), then realise it.  
  • After a few moments, the eero LED should return to solid white and appear with a green outline in the eero app.  
For a hard reset to clear all network configurations, sessions and logs and remove the eero from your network:  
  • Hold the reset button until the LED flashes red (15 seconds), then release it.  
  • After a successful hard reset, the eero LED light will reach a flashing blue state, indicating that the eero is ready to be set up again.  
eero Secure’s content filters gives users the ability to apply pre-set content filters by age ranges, or they can customize by category, including adult content, illegal or criminal, violent, social media, streaming, chat or messaging, games, shopping, SafeSearch, YouTube Restricted Mode.  

To apply content filters:  

  • From the ‘Home’ tab, tap the profile that you want to apply content filters to.  
  • Select ‘Content Filters’.   
  • Tap the desired filter template and tap ‘Apply’.   
eero Secure’s Internet backup lets users add alternate wireless backup connections* such as their personal hotspot to keep their Wi-Fi up and running during an nbn or modem outage. When the internet goes down users can temporarily switch their eero network over to their backup source to broadcast Wi-Fi throughout their home, so their connected devices stay online.  

To set up an Internet backup: 

  • From the Home tab in the eero mobile app, tap on ‘Internet’ and select ‘eero Internet Backup’.   
  • Toggle on ‘eero Internet Backup’ to turn on.  
  • Click on ‘Add a network’.   
  • Select your network from the list and enter your password.   
 * Access to eero Internet Backup requires customers to have a compatible backup internet connection and a current eero Secure subscription. Use of this feature doe not guarantee zero disruption to internet connection and is not suitable if you require uninterrupted internet connection. You are responsible for any data charges and/or other charges that may result due to use of a backup internet in conjunction with this feature. If your backup internet has a limited amount of included data (e.g., using mobile hotspot) and you use all of this data, eero Internet Backup may not work. The backup internet connection speeds and availability are dependent upon the backup internet provider and may vary due to factors such as concurrent users, obstructions, building materials, location, and local conditions. Access to backup internet connection may require backup power in instances of power outage.
eero Secure’s advanced security feature helps keep your family safe from accidentally visiting malicious sites that may infect your devices.  

To turn on advanced security: 

  • From the 'Discover’ tab, tap on ‘eero Secure’.  
  • Scroll down to the network section. 
  • Toggle on ‘Advanced Security’.  
eero Secure’s Block & Allow feature gives users control over which sites can be visiting by other users on their network and viewing inappropriate content.  

To block sites:  

  • From the ‘Home’ tab, tap the profile you wish to apply site blocks to.  
  • Select ‘Block & allow sites’  
  • Tap ‘Add Blocked Site’.   
  • Enter the URL of the website you wish to block.  
  • Confirm selection by tapping ‘Done’.  
eero Secure gives users the ability to block other users access to apps as well as allow access to apps that may otherwise be blocked by content filters.  

To block apps: 

  • From the ‘Home’ tab, tap the profile you wish to apply app blocks to.  
  • Select ‘Block apps’.   
  • Select the apps that you want to block.  
  • Confirm selection by tapping ‘Done’.   
eero Secure's ad blocking feature helps you improve your browsing experience by blocking a variety of ads on your devices.
To block ads: 
  • From the 'Discover' tab, tap on 'eero Secure'.
  • Scroll down to the 'Network' section.
  • Toggle on 'Ad Blocking'.
Within eero Secure's Content Filtering feature, you can turn on eero Secure's SafeSearch feature which blocks inappropriate search results from Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Yandex search engines.

To turn on SafeSearch:

  1. From the ‘Home’ tab, tap the profile that you want to apply content filters to. 
  2. Select 'Content Filters'. 
  3. Toggle on 'SafeSearch'.