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More nbn™ is available to any residence that is eligible for, or has an existing Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Fibre to the Node/Basement (FTTN/B), Fixed Wireless, Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) or Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) nbn™ connection.   

The only connection type that More cannot provide a service for are Satellite nbn™ connections. When signing up to More, the service qualification (SQ) tool will determine what sort of connection is available at your property, and therefore whether you are eligible to sign up to a More nbn™ plan. more

nbn™ stands for National Broadband Network. It is the service in which the majority of Australians use to access the internet from their homes and businesses.

You can visit to learn more about nbn™ and visit our plans page to get connected today. more

The National Broadband Network (nbn™)  is made up of a series of fibre optic cables. The cables run out from a Point of Exchange (or POI) in your local area.  The cables will either run all the way to your home (FFTP), to the pit outside your home (FTTB) or to a ‘NODE’ somewhere near your home (FTTN).

In some cases an nbn™ connection can also be sent via Satellite or Fixed Wireless.

Find out more about the network on the NBN Co website. more

The nbn™ rollout is largely complete, so most addresses in Australia will have the ability to connect to the nbn™ network.

If you have not yet had an nbn™ connection activated at your address, this will need to be facilitated by NBN Co technicians before you can get connected to More nbn™.

When you enter your address in our service qualification tool on our nbn™ sign up page, you will see if an existing connection is available at your address. If you’re not yet connected, once you sign up for a More nbn™ plan an order will be placed with NBN Co to perform an activation at your address. The time it takes to get nbn™ installed at your address will depend on your property the type of connection available.

nbn™ New Development Charge

The Australian government enforce at New Development Charge to greenfield devel more

The nbnTM activation appointment will vary based on how nbnTM is delivered to your home or business. If you are unsure of this, it will be advised in the emails from More that are sent after an appointment date has been set for your activation.

FTTP activations

FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) involves fibre being connected right into your property or business. If this is the first time you are having nbnTM connected to the property, an NBN Co technician will attend site to complete the activation. They will install a box on the outside of the property, then usually drill through the wall and install equipment inside the property.

It’s a good idea to consider where you want to install the equipment inside the property. You will plug the modem / router and any phone services into this equipment. NBN Co are supposed to provide up to 30 metres of fibre in more

When you sign up for a More nbn™ plan, you will enter your address to see what sort of connection is available for your home. This will depend on the nbnTM delivery in your neighbourhood, and may impact what More plans are available to you. Typical nbnTM delivery types include Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Fibre to the Node/Basement (FTTN/B), Fixed Wireless, Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) and Fibre to the Curb (FTTC).

The NBN250 plan is only available for FTTp and some HFC connections. When you enter your address during sign up, you will only be able to select nbnTM plans that are available at your home. more

We will keep you up to date regularly on the progress of your order via email or sms.

It is important that you look out for these notifications as they will include important information on your activation appointment, if you require NBN Co to visit your property to get connected. Depending on the connection process for your property, you may be required to be in attendance, and missing an appointment will cause delays with your order. more

For some nbn™ connections there is no need to keep an active telephone service. The nbn™ network uses a number of different delivery methods, and the following list details the nbn™ technology types that use the copper line:

1. FTTN - Fibre to the Node. This is where fibre optics is delivered to your street and then high speed internet is transferred to a copper cable that runs into your home. The node is a box that is constructed in the street that transfer the internet from fibre optics to copper. If you have an existing copper telephone line connected to your property, nbn™ will use this for nbn™. Note that there is no need to continue paying line rental, you can opt to cancel the phone service after your nbn™ service has been connected.

3. FTTB - Fibre to the building. This is where fibre optics is delivered to your building and then copper is used to distribute high speed more

Depending on how nbn™ is delivered to your property and your property's nbn™ readiness, this will vary from just 1 day to around 3 weeks. You can check your address on our website and in most cases we'll be able to give you an indicative timeframe.

If your property has already been connected to the nbn™ previous we should be able to get you connected in 1-3 days.

If your property has not been connected to nbn™ in the past we will likely need an nbn™ technician to come and activate your service. General time frames for the next available nbn™ activation appointment is usually between 1 and 3 weeks. We'll be able to give you a better idea after you place your order. This is purely dependent on the availability of NBN Co's technicians to complete your activation and we always request earliest available appointment (unless you request otherwise).

After yo more

There is no charge for standard installation. This includes the visit from the technician.

If nbn™ has deemed your property a new development, the nbn™ New Development Fee may apply. If you are moving in to a brand new property and connecting to the nbn™ for the first time this fee will likely apply. more

nbn™ provide a Missed Appointment Rebate to us when the NBN Co technician does not attend the confirmed appointment for both connections and faults.

We pass this rebate onto our customers as a credit on their account. It will be reflected on the customer's account within 1-2 months after the missed appointment.

The amount of each Missions Connection Appointment Rebate will be as follows:

$50 for each First Missed Connection Appointment, and

$75 for each Subsequent Missed Connection Appointment

'Missed Connection Appointment' means an actual appointment that nbn™ does not attend in accordance with the applicable service level.

'First Missed Connection Appointment' means a Missed Connection Appointment in respect of an End User Connection or a Professional Wiring Service, for which there has been no more

Yes you do.

All More nbn™ plans include a static (fixed) IP address. This is useful if you wish to access computer or other connected equipment from outside your property. This may include CCTV cameras, or a home media centre or NAS drive.

The static IP address is only available after your service becomes active. You can quickly check what this is by going to or typing 'What's my IP' into google. more
We support the use of a BYO modem or router for use with your nbn™ Plans with More.

We recommend ensuring that you are familiar with your own device and are comfortable configuring this yourself. We have prepared the following guides to offer assistance in connecting your own nbn™ ready device.

FTTP Connections
FTTN/B Connections
FTTC Connections more

The Australian government enforce at New Development Charge to greenfield developments that need to be connected to the nbnTM network.

Part of this charge is the End User Contribution Charge of $300 (inc. GST). Internet Service Providers such as More pass this charge to the end user when they want to connect to the nbn™.

Please note that this charge is only applicable if your property is a new development and has never been connected to the nbn™ before.

You can read more about this policy here.

The More team will alert you if the New Development Charge applies when you complete your address check as part of the signing up process. more

As soon as your nbn™ service is activated billing does commence. We are keen for you to get online with your new nbn™ plan as soon as possible so you can start enjoying the great benefits.

If we have sent you a new nbn™ modem/router, please use the PDF user guide below for a step by step guide on how to plug this in and get online. There are different instructions based on how nbn™ is delivered to your property.

If you are unsure how nbn™ is delivered to your property please see the activation emails that we have sent during the installation process.

Please use the relevant guide to your nbn™ technology type. There is a separate guide for FTTP/HFC/Wireless NBN, FTTN/B NBN and FTTC NBN. If you are unsure what technology type your property has please refer to emails sent during the order confirmation process. more

Your nbnTM can run slowly for a number of reasons. When initially moving to an nbnTM connection, users often experience dramatically increased bandwidth compared to older ADSL services.

It is important to understand how your devices use the internet to ensure a good experience with the additional bandwidth. Things like the hardware and software that you use may affect the speed that you experience.

The technology used by NBN Co to deliver the service to your home or business may also affect your speeds.

It’s important to understand how many devices are using your nbn™ service.

It is always important to know how many users are on your network. Remember this can be via cabled ethernet connections to your modem, as well as via wifi. The more devices you have connected, the more your bandwidth is shared.

I more

When you sign up to a More nbnTM plan, you will create an account with a username and password. You can use these credentials to login to our customer portal to access information regarding your account.

In the future, you will be able to access this information directly from the CommBank app once the More services have been integrated. more

If you are experiencing technical issues or need customer support, please visit the ‘Contact us’ page to get in touch with our team.

You can also use the live chat button at the bottom right corner of the More website. more

In some cases, existing services are cancelled automatically when your service is transferred, and in others you will need to contact your existing provider to cancel your service.

For FTTP and Fixed Wireless connections, we will activate the next available port on the nbn™ equipment installed inside your property. This means after you are successfully connected with More you will need to advise your previous provider that you wish to cancel their service.
For HFC, FTTN, FTTB or FTTC connections we will order an nbn™ transfer. This means that your original service will stop working automatically when your More service becomes active. You may want to check with your previous provider that they have stopped billing you - but this should occur automatically.

We recommend that once your More service has been activated, you contact your existing provider to ensure that they have cancelled your service and that you more

Moving home? Relocating an nbn™ service to a new address can now be processed from our customer portal.

TIP: Before you request to move your service, you can check the nbn™ serviceability of your address so you know if the address is nbn™ ready, and what is the approximate timeframe for connection.

You can check your address here.

If you know the nbn™ availability of your address, you can proceed with the steps below:

1. Visit the customer portal.

2. Enter your account number, email address and password on the log in screen.

3. Select Moving House? Service Relocation.

4. Fill out the form with the following details:

Enter the old address that you wish to cancel.
New Address you are moving to (Street Address and Number, Suburb, State and Postcode).
Date of New more

Each residential nbn™ plan sits on one of the seven main nbn™ speed tiers, which have different maximum download and upload speeds measured in Megabits per second (Mbps). But what do these speed tiers actually mean, and what impact can it have on the quality of the Wifi connection in your home? Let us break it down for you.


There are a number of different ways that the nbn™ can reach your home, and this can impact the type of internet connection you receive.

The different types of nbn™ delivery include:

1. Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) - Where fibre optics cabling is installed directly inside your property. This can deliver fast internet services with up to 1gbit/s speeds.

2. Fibre to the Node / Basement (FTTN/B) - Where both fibre optic cables and the e more

You can find the Critical Information Summary for your More plan on the policies page.

You will also see a link to the document attached to the induvial plan on the sign up page. more

Yes you can.

At More, we give our customers the ability to change their speed tier at any time, as long as the speed increase is supported by their nbn™ delivery method. This is a quick and easy process that happens remotely with no need for a technician to visit your home - you can login to the customer portal and make the request under 'Change nbn™ plan' and our team will take care of the rest. Speed changes can usually be processed on the same day as the request is made, so you won't need to wait for your Wifi speed to be taken to the next level. more

If you are going overseas or do not require your nbn™ service for a long period of time, it may be beneficial to put your nbn™ Plan on hold.

We can assist with this. However, to prevent charges coming through from nbn™ we would need to cancel your service, and then re-activate it when you are ready to start using your service again. This works in the same way as putting the service on hold and nbn™ charges would cease to come through. We would not recommend doing this if the period of time is less than a month as your service will still be charged up to the end of the month that you wish to cancel it.

When we re-activate your service we would need to assist in re configuring your modem as you will receive a new username when the service is re-activated. This is a quick task and our dedicated technical support team can easily assist you with this.

To put your serv more

No, More does not charge a fee to change speed on our nbn™ Plans. Feel free to change between plans as much as you need.

This is a quick and easy process that happens remotely with no need for a technician to visit your home - you can login to the customer portal and make the request under 'Change nbn™ plan' and our team will take care of the rest. Speed changes can usually be processed on the same day as the request is made, so you won't need to wait for your Wifi speed to be taken to the next level. more

No. All our nbn™ plans are on no contract and there is no cancellation fee. more

All our nbn™Plans are on no contract so you are free to cancel at any time*.

Aside from calling us, you can log in to our customer portal and put the request through.

2. Enter your Account Number, Email Address and Password on the Log in screen.

3. Select Cancel nbn™ Service from the Menu.

4. Please complete the form below to order cancellation of your nbn™ service.

Address of nbn™ Service to Cancel

Reason for Cancelling

Date of Cancellation

5. Read and agree on the terms.

6. Click on Submit.


Requests will be forwarded to our team for processing. It would b more

In 2014 the Australian Government made the decision to use a mixed technology approach to the nbn™ rollout. This means that certain properties will use parts of the old legacy copper telephone network to complete the NBN connection to your property. This legacy copper network is unfortunately prone to issues and we encounter some users using FTTN/FTTB and FTTC technologies experiencing connection dropouts due to this.

It is important to troubleshoot your FTTN/FTTB/FTTC connection prior to us logging a fault to NBN Co as in certain cases it is local internal copper wiring that can be causing the dropout issues.

In order to properly troubleshoot you should consider the following scenarios:

1. Only a single device is dropping out and other devices are not affected.

In this case it is likely an issue with a particular device. We recommend checking and replaci more

There are a number of things that you can try to help improve your Wifi coverage in your property.

Wifi is now critical in a household where numerous devices rely on good quality wifi to operate.

1. Location of your Wifi router

This is likely the most important part of ensuring you maximise the Wifi coverage inside your property. Ensure that the Wifi router is located in a central position within your house, this will give the greatest all round coverage. When you connect to one of our nbn™ plans for the first time, you may have to connect to a different socket or in a different room in the house. If required you may need to invest in home wiring to relocate the router to a more central position. For nbn™ connections using HFC technology, often the nbn™ box can be installed at the front or back of the house - in these cases we recommend investing in cabling to get your more

There are a number of reasons why an nbn™ service may be running slower than expected. It may be down to hardware and software configured on your home network or due to nbn™ infrastructure, the nbn™ technology or ongoing development work underway to complete construction in your area. There could be a fault on the network that needs to be reported to nbn™ for resolution. Please read to the end of this article before calling our team for further assistance.

Wifi Issues

One of the most common reasons for slow nbn™ is Wifi performance. Often if your nbn™ Wifi modem is a long way from where you are connecting to it - this can cause a slow nbn™ experience. We always recommend trying to connect your device with an ethernet cable to see if this improves your speed. In some properties you may want to try relocating the nbn™ modem to a more central position. You may also be more

You may experience some down time when switching between your current provider and More.

Once your current service is disconnected and your service with More is activated, you will then need to set up your modem.

If you’re setting up the Google Nest Wifi, this is quite a simple process that should take around 15 minutes. If you’ve chosen to BYO modem, you will need to configure your existing device with the help of our technical support team. This may take a little longer, depending on what device you’re using.

Given that you may experience some internet down time during the service transfer, we recommend that you schedule More service activation for a low-usage day. You can do this when ordering your service on the More website. more

Yes, you can. This might be useful when you are just about to move house and would like to have your modem delivered to your current address, if you don’t yet have access or the ability to receive the modem at the address where you’re getting your service connected.

How do you set this up?

When you’re checking out, there will be a prompt that asks "Is your delivery address for sending equipment the same?"

You can un-tick the box and the delivery address field will come up where you can provide your preferred delivery address.

Important things to note:

If you have already submitted the order and decided to change the delivery address, just make sure the modem has not been dispatched yet – you can check this with the tracking number given to you when you place your order.

If the modem ha more

No, we do not lock our modems. If you were ever to leave you could use these with most other providers. more
Unfortunately we can't. Our modems are delivered using Startrack Couriers and they are unable to deliver to a PO Box address.

A signature is required on delivery. If delivery was not possible the courier will usually take your modem to the nearest post office.

Please consider this when placing an order and ensure you do not use a PO Box address for your delivery address. more

Get ready to welcome to Google Nest Wifi to your home.

You have made a great choice! Google Nest Wifi will:

    o  blanket your home with strong and reliable WiFi

    o  update automatically, which means your network stays safe and secure and,

    o  will effortlessly look at home thanks to its chic design.

When setting up the Google Nest Wifi, there are a few items that need to be ticked off first:

    o  A Google Nest Wifi router. This will broadcast your WiFi.

    o  A Google account

    o  An up-to-date smartphone or tablet such as: Android phone running Android 5.0 and higher, Android tablet running Android 6.0 and higher, or an iPhone more

In the table below you will find the modem & router settings you need to access the nbn™ network with More.


ISP Username: Supplied in your email from More
ISP Password: Supplied in your email from More

Encapsulation mode: PPPoE

Connection Types:

HFC, Fixed Wireless & FTTP: Ethernet WAN


VLAN ID Settings: No VLAN


Outgoing mail server: more
More (ABN: 23 165 518 589) uses parts of the Telstra 3G and 4G mobile network.

A coverage map can be found here. more
After you sign up for one of our SIM only mobile plans using the Telstra 4G network, we will despatch a SIM card within 24 hours.

This SIM card is a triple punch SIM card that will fit any phone.

When you receive the SIM card, simply give us a call between the hours of 8.30am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 6pm Saturdays or public holiday and we will activate the SIM card.

Activation takes between 10 minutes and 1 hour and your mobile number will transfer to More on Telstra more

You can view your live mobile usage using our customer portal. Please ensure you keep an eye on this if you are worried about exceeding your included usage.

Please note that a usage alert will be sent to you via SMS when you reach 50%, 85% and 100% of your monthly allowance. more

All mobile phone voice and data usage allowances reset on the 1st of the month. Note that a usage alert will be sent via SMS at 50%, 85% and 100% of your included usage limit.

All mobile broadband services data usage allowances reset on 1st of the month. more

There are a number of things that could cause your bill to look higher than usual or higher than you expect. We’ve written a description of the common reasons below. Please check page 3 of your bill careful and read the below descriptions before reaching out to our team. Hopefully this article will answer your question!

IMPORTANT: If you have just received your first bill you will see two plan fees on Page 3. The smaller plan fee is a partial month or pro-rata plan fee. This one-off fee covers the period from the first day your service was activated through to the start of your billing cycle on the first of the month.

1. Your promotion period may have finished.

All our nbn™ plans have a promotional plan discount that runs for the first 6 months that you are connected with us. If you’re in month 7, then this has likely dropped off. We offer this promotional plan discount to all new customers connecting a property to the nbn™ for the fir more

Monthly charges will start for your service when nbn™ is activated at your property.  We will email you when this activation is complete, and charges will begin from this date.  Please note that this is not the same as the date that you plug in your nbn™ modem.  As such we recommend plugging in your modem as soon as you receive the confirmation email from us so you can make the most of your nbn™ plan. more
You can use your bank account for on-going payment. These can be entered during the sign-up process and they will be used for ongoing payments.
A credit or debit card is required for any upfront payment. Upfront payments would include your first month of nbn™ plan fee and any modem charges. more
Supplying your bank account details during sign up is not a requirement - it is optional. If you provide these, they will be used for on-going payment to your account.  Bank account automated payments do not attract any payment processing fees.

If you do not provide these, we will send you an email after your order is processed to set up an automated payment through another means. Due to payment compliance our website does not store your credit or debit card used to make the initial payment during signup. more

We require your account is settled monthly using a credit card or bank account direct debit. 

Direct debits are processed on the due date specified on the first page of your invoice. 

These include: B Pay, Australia Post, EFT, Cheque and credit card over the phone. 

Payment of your first month and any modem charges is taken at the time of sign up. The first month sits on your account as a credit until your service is connected. more

Pre-payment of your first month nbn™ access is taken at the time of sign up. This pre-payment then sits on your account until your nbn™ service is activated. 

So, if you order an nbn™ plan on the 10th of the month, and the service is activated on 20th of the month, your pre-payment would cover from 20th of the month through until 19th of the following month. more
When signing up for a service with us online a pre-payment is taken for your first month of ADSL or nbn™ bundle access fee. Charges for the service only commence when your service becomes active.
For example, your nbn™ may take 10 days to active with NBN Co, so the pre-payment you make would start from the time that you are activated for the first month more
Received your bill and not sure about the charges?

Let us try to answer the Most Common Billing Queries, fees and charges.

Why am I charged a Late Fee?: If you were unable to make payment by this date, a late payment fee may have been charged. If you are on Direct debit yet you are still charged this amount, it is possible that your payment was unsuccessful and the payment was received after the due date.

What is the Non Direct Debit Fee: As per our terms and conditions if your account is not set up on direct debit a non-direct debit charge will apply. To avoid this fee moving forward, you may enrol your Credit/Debit Card or your bank account to Direct Debit on our Self Care Portal.

Bounced Direct Debit Fee: As per our terms and conditions if your direct debit fails or bounces a Bounced Direct Debit Fee will be charged. This is a pass though of charges that we receive from the bank. To avoid this fee, make sure you have sufficient funds more

Late payment fees are standard practice amongst Service Providers to cover costs relating to processing late payments. 

To avoid incurring this fee, we recommend that you sign up for Direct Debit. more
The short answer to this is no. While some nbn™ services are delivered using a copper cable there is no need to keep an active telephone line to connect to nbn™. In the case of FTTN/B (fibre to the node or basement) nbn™ will use the existing copper cable that runs into your business but you will not need to pay line rental for this line. If your business has not had a copper telephone line installed previously then nbn™ will connect a new copper cable for you. If this is a standard connection then there will be no charge for this connection.

If your business is connected to nbn™by FTTP, HFC or Fixed Wireless no copper will be needed to connect your business to nbn™. 

In the case of new developments the nbn™ may charge what’s called the End User New Development Contribution Fee. This is a $300 charges that is applicable to new developments connecting to the nbn™ for t more
Our Hosted PBX phone system has been engineered to provide the perfect combination of functionality, reliability & quality at the most affordable price available. Moving your phone system into the cloud enables you to simplify your communications and eliminate phone system maintenance worries.

Our support team provides our business clients with friendly, first class service if you ever need a hand with your phone system.

We also employ technicians across Australia should you need on-the-ground assistance.
Hosted PBX systems are ideal for businesses both large and small. They offer similar features and functionality of high end PBX phone system at a much lower cost. They are also completely more

Some of the benefits of nbn™ voice include:

Free calls between sites using More nbn™ voice Cheaper line rental and call costs Scalable solution - ability to add channels and relocate quickly and easily Ability to combine with a Hosted PBX solution with great functionality Easy to use Selection of IP handsets to suit all budgets and requirements more
Yes, we do, Check out our Hosted PBX page for full details of this product.
This offers a stand alone voice option that can run across an internet connection of your choice. We would always recommend using a business grade internet service from More so that we have complete visibility of your services and can make changes if required. more
Yes you can. We are able to port (transfer) your existing phone numbers onto an nbn™ voice service to ensure there is no disruption to your business or home lines. You can then use a phone port on the back of your nbn™ router, or connect a Hosted PBX solution and use your existing phone numbers. more
Not all fax machines are compatible with the nbnTM. More and more businesses are making use of email instead of fax.
If you need to use fax we do have a solution. For receiving faxes we can provide a fax to email solution, which allows you to receive faxes to your email address.
If you still need to send faxes we can provide an ATA (analogue telephone adapter) that will work with most fax machines. This ATA plugs into your nbnTM modem and allows you to make and receive faxes using analogue fax technology.
Our team can provide further guidance on this. more
When ordering your nbnTM phone system, you will first need to ensure you have an nbnTM connection. Depending on how the  nbnTM is delivered to your property, this can take anywhere from 48 hours to 3 weeks.

After connection to nbnTM has been completed and your nbnTM data service tested, we then despatch your phones. After these are in and tested, we then order the transfer of your advertised telephone numbers to your new nbnTM ready phones. more
A network switch is a unit that allows for multiple internet capable devices to connect to the same internet connection. They are often useful for a business when nbnTM is connected as they will likely be connecting more devices to the internet than they were previously with ADSL.
With an nbnTM bundle from More Telecom all phones will connect to the internet. Typical nbnTM modems only contain 4 ethernet/internet ports. This means that if a business has 3 phones and 3 computers, then all need to connect to the internet that won’t be able to all connect to the nbnTM modem.
A network switch will usually contain 8 or 24 ports. One of these ports is connected to the nbnTM modem, leaving 7 or 23 ports available for other devices that need the internet.
More provide these ports at a low one off cost for businesses connecting to the nbnTM. You can order online via our w more
All of our nbnTM phone bundles include an nbnTM data plan as well as an nbnTM ready phone handset. This is everything you need to be able to use the nbnTM for internet and make and receive calls. All plans also include unlimited local and national calls within Australia.

The nbnTM modem that is included as part of the plan supports Wifi and includes 4 ethernet ports to connect computers using a cable. more

If you are looking to get a new line installed at your business premises, there are four available options depending on the site infrastructure:
1. In-place telephone line connection: A working telephone socket exists from a previous connection and a Telstra technician is not required to visit the premises. To help us identify the line that you want to reactivate, it would be helpful if you gave us the previous number that was associated with the line. If you don't know it, it can often be found out by plugging a handset into the line and dialling 127 22 123
2. In-place telephone line connection with technician visit: A previous telephone service existed at your business premises and a Telstra technician is required to visit your site to reconnect existing suitable cabling at the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) or first socket where no Main Distribution Frame exists.
&nbs more

If you suspect you have a problem with your landline, there are a couple of things you can do to save time before logging it with the faults team:
1. Check the handset – try swapping for a different handset and then test to see if you can make / receive calls. If it works, then this would suggest that you have a fault with your handset as opposed to the line.
2. If you've confirmed that the fault lies with the line as opposed to the handset, try and confirm if the problem is internal or external. If the fault is internal, Telstra are not obligated to fix it. You will need to organise for a private technician to come out and have a look at your internal wiring.
NOTE: If Telstra come out and find that the fault lies onsite with your equipment or internal wiring then you will be liable for an incorrect call-out fee.

3. If you’re confident that you have a line fault that originates off-site then call our faults t more

SIP trunks allow you to make and received multiple calls on one number. This means that you can receive multiple calls on your advertised numbers without needing to pay for full line rental and line hunt charges.
Rather than having a full PSTN line to receive a concurrent call, you can use SIP trunk VOIP channels to receive calls. Everyone in your office can make outbound calls using your advertised number and multiple customers can call in on the same number. You can increase and decrease the number of channels as you need to.
More business SIP trunks can connect to your existing phone system. As calls are carried over the Internet, it means that this product is completely nb more

After nbnTM has been connected you will change the way you use internet and phone services in your business going forward. We often see that businesses want to install new or additional internal cabling so that they can properly use nbnTM services.

With an nbnTM phone bundle more

Business fibre internet is a business grade internet service that is delivered to a business premises using fibre optic technology. Due to fibre being delivered right into the property it means that high internet speeds are available.

On-net fibre refers to a fibre service that is delivered using the AAPT/TPG fibre network. A business property must be connected to this network in order to be able to order a service.

Business Fibre Service Qualification

A service qualification (SQ) check must be completed to determine what service(s) can be delivered to your business. For this to be completed we require your business address and ideally a standard telephone number at the address. After the SQ is performed we can confirm what business fibre services are available to you. We can also advise what maximum speeds are available. When leaving us an enquiry please ensure your business address and telephone number are included so we can get more

Fibre 400 is a high speed data product that is provided in buildings that are connected to the TPG Fibre 400 network. Plans come with a 400/400Mbps symmetrical speeds, business grade support and a 1:1 contention ratio.

Free installations are available on Fibre 400 plans when taking a 36 month contract. Please see the plan Critical Information Summary for all installation options.

We can confirm availability of this service to your property if you send us an enquiry. Please note that they are often only available in CBD and business locations. more
On-Net Fibre Internet is a business grade internet service that is available to buildings connected to the AAPT/TPG fibre network. this network covers a lot of the countries CBD locations. Please send us an enquiry and we can confirm what service are available to your location.

On-Net Fibre services all come with symmetrical upload and download speeds. The business internet service is delivered to your property using fibre optic technology so very high speeds can be achieved. All services include a 1:1 contention ratio and guaranteed bandwidth. more
Telstra fibre provides the furthest reaching fibre internet option to a business. Although more expensive than some other carriers that are available in CBD locations Telstra Fibre can be connected in areas that other carriers cannot.

An SQ check can be completed to confirm available of services to your property. Due to the far reaching coverage of this product a quote can be provided for connections. Free standard connections can often be provided on any 36 month term. more
We provide fast support, answering your call within 10 seconds and offer quick and easy online ordering for all your SHDSL needs.

Enjoy super-fast symmetrical speeds ranging from 10Mbps/10Mbps all the way up to 1000Mbps/1000Mbps with More Telecom today.

SHDSL Service Qualification

We must complete a qualification check to determine what service(s) can be delivered to your business. In order to complete this we require your business address and ideally a Telstra PSTN telephone number at the address. After this is performed we can advise what exchange your business is connected to and what business grade Internet services are available. We can also advise what guaranteed speeds are available. Please include your business address and telephone number when enquiring for a service and we can get the service qualification check done ahead of getting back to you.

Speed Guarantee

There are a number of factors that can influence the maximum more