Melbourne Cloud-Hosted PBX Phone Systems

06 April 2012

At More Telecom Melbourne, we are always pushing towards the next big innovation and advancements in technology

Our Melbourne cloud business services are firmly planted in the ground around our customers delivering our top-quality service. We’ve been in telecommunications for years, so have plenty of experience in the industry. Our experience helps us push towards the future with our team delivering expert Melbourne cloud business services that will support and enhance your business right now with our eye firmly focused on the future.

Our team at More Telecom Melbourne put our customers first, with a dedication to exceptional service and quality results. These traits set us apart from our competitors and why thousands of Melbourne business choose us as their Melbourne cloud business services provider.

Melbourne Business Phone Systems

From the old traditional phone lines to our cloud-hosted Melbourne PBX phone systems, we have the solution your business needs. We have a complete suite of Melbourne business phone services that our customers can take advantage of.

  • Fixed Phone Lines: We can hook your business up on analogue PTSN lines or get you connected on digital ISDN2 with the huge and reliable Telstra network.
  • PBX Phone Systems: Our Melbourne PBX Phone systems are the best when it comes to cost efficiency and system features for a business that requires extras functions and increased reliability.
  • SIP Trunks: A very budget friendly option for taking advantage of VoIP phone tech while using an existing and able PBX phone system.
  • NBN Voice: The easiest and technically simplest way to complete calls over the internet with NBN technology. This can be achieved using your existing VoIP phone or handset.
  • ISDN 10/20/30: Using the network that Telstra provides that is widely available all across the states of Australia, ISDN 10/20/30 is perfect for those businesses that have very high call volumes coming to their business.
  • 1300 & 1800 numbers: Incoming numbers can help your business improve how inbound calls are managed. We use advanced virtual call handling to achieve this functionality.

Melbourne Business nbn Internet

It is essential for businesses to stay ahead of their competitors in terms of a fast and reliable internet connection. Many facets of a modern day business are directly connected, or dependent, on the internet so staying connected is essential. That’s where we come in with a huge range of fast & reliable Melbourne business nbn internet services.–

  • Business ADSL2+: Our ADSL2+ is made for businesses and uses the countries biggest network giving you speedy and affordable internet that won’t drop out or slow down when you need it the most.
  • Business Ethernet: Maximum reliability and countrywide coverage along with up & down internet speeds clocking at the 80Mbps mark, our Business Grade Ethernet is a good fit for every business.
  • Business NBN: If the NBN has reached your area then let us get you connected with our super simple and budget-friendly plans. Connected to the new National Broadband Network as soon as it is available in your area.
  • NBN Coverage: Our interactive map allows you to check the up to date status of the NBN network rollout at any address in Australia.

Melbourne Cloud Business Services

The cloud and all the services it provides are hailed as the future of business technology solutions. Lucky for you we are experts in the cloud. Our Cloud services are the best in the business with a team that live and breathe the cutting edge of Melbourne cloud business services. Functional and flexible solutions for every business.

  • Hosted Email Exchange: All your business communications and emails hosted on their own Exchange Email Server without the infrastructure & support costs on a budget that any business can accommodate.
  • Hosted Desktop: Get access to all your IT services on the cloud. Imagine your work desktop, emails, documents, files & applications accessible from wherever you are in the world while saving loads of budget on physical hardware & support spending.
  • Website Hosting: Host your online presence with our secure Australian based servers. We have reliable hosting and excellent support. Get online and stay online with our website hosting service.
  • Virtual Fax: It may be dying out, but people still use fax machines. Don’t let this outdated technology hold back your business. Set up virtual fax so that you receive any faxes sent straight in your email inbox. No need to hold on to that old fax machine.



Get in touch with us about your Melbourne business phone, internet and cloud solutions today.

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