More Wins Canstar Blue's 2024 Innovation Excellence Award

05 April 2024

More Wins Canstar Blue's 2024 Innovation Excellence Award

We are thrilled to announce that More has been awarded Canstar Blue's 2024 Innovation Excellence Award in the telecommunications category for its integration with CommBank Yello.

CommBank Yello is CommBank's new customer recognition program where eligible customers can access benefits such as cashbacks, discounts and prize draws simply by being a customer.

This recognition underscores More's commitment to reshaping the telecommunications landscape and enhancing customer experience through innovative relationships.

What are Canstar Blue's Innovation Excellence Awards?

Canstar Blue's Innovation Excellence Awards celebrate products, services, and initiatives that their experts believe are game-changing breakthroughs, improving the everyday lives of customers.  

These awards involve a rigorous rating methodology, comparing submissions from businesses across Australia to identify innovative solutions that address real consumer pain points.

Judging Summary from Canstar

More's relationship with CommBank, particularly its integration with CommBank Yello, represents a groundbreaking development in the telecommunications and banking sectors.  

Canstar Blue noted that this alliance is the first significant collaboration between one of Australia's big four banks and a telecommunications provider, setting a new standard for industry cooperation.  

Through CommBank Yello, customers gain access to a variety of exclusive benefits, such as substantial discounts on More's NBN and mobile offerings. Our relationship with CommBank through Yello allows us to acknowledge and reward customer loyalty, while alleviating the financial strains associated with essential services.  

The integration of More's services within the CommBank app also allows customers to manage their services effortlessly, providing unprecedented convenience and a customer-centric approach.

Speaking about the win, Canstar Blue's Utilities Editor, Tara Donnelly, said:

"More may not be the first telco to offer customers the convenience of integrating phone and internet with other services, but its partnership with CommBank puts it in an unusual and timely position. Through its exposure to CommBank's 17 million-plus customers, More has the opportunity to offer access to telco discounts to a huge number of Australians, and at a time when cost-of-living concerns make More's lower-priced CommBank Yello plans particularly relevant."

"More's plan to roll its NBN services into the CommBank app will also give customers more control over their account and usage, as well as a convenient way to self-manage both banking and home broadband. This ongoing focus on saving customers' time and money is aligned with the aim of Canstar Blue's Innovation Excellence awards - to highlight innovative products and services that address real consumer pain points - so makes More a worthy winner of an Innovation Excellence award in 2024" Ms Donnelly added.
More's collaboration with CommBank and integration with CommBank Yello exemplifies innovation in the telecommunications industry, addressing real consumer needs and setting new standards for customer convenience and affordability.