Can I keep my existing mobile number when I switch?

11 January 2024

Can I keep my existing mobile number when I switch?

We understand the value of your mobile number – it's more than just a set of digits – it's a connection to friends, family, and important contacts.

That's why we make it easy for you to keep your existing mobile number when you switch to our services.

Transferring your number is a simple and straightforward process.

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up for a More mobile service on our website and select to transfer your number when you are checking out.

2. Once your More account has been established, log into our Self Care Portal and initiate the transfer by following the easy-to-navigate instructions to start the transfer process.

3. Then verify your number. For security purposes, we'll send a One Time PIN (OTP) to your existing mobile number. Enter this PIN in the portal to validate the transfer. For more information on this process, see here.

4. Sit back and relax! Once the transfer process is initiated and validated, our system will handle the rest. The SIM activation process can take between 15 minutes to 40 hours. For many people, this process is completed in 15 minutes or less!

Why choose us for your mobile service?

  • Apart from the convenience of keeping your existing mobile number, we offer a range of benefits that cater to your needs:
  • Competitive plans: flexible and affordable plans designed to suit mobile users.
  • No lock-in contracts: we give you that mobile freedom.
  • eSIM compatible: you don’t have to wait for a physical SIM to arrive.
  • Databanks: enjoy a 500GB or 1000GB databank (depending on your plan).
  • Quality network: enjoy reliable coverage that keeps you connected.
  • Unlimited standard calls and SMS in Australia (subject to our Fair Use Policy) plus 2,000 MMS messages each month.
  • Great customer support: our dedicated support team is on hand to assist you with any queries or concerns.
  • Travel packs available: stay in touch when you’re overseas at an affordable rate.

Switching to More doesn't mean starting from scratch your number stays put, unless you're up for a change.

No judgment here! 😉