8 easy ways to save on your mobile costs

25 September 2023

8 easy ways to save on your mobile costs

Amid the ongoing challenge of the escalating cost of living, finding ways to reduce your monthly expenses and save money remains a top priority for many consumers.


So get ahead of the game and tackle rising expenses.


There are heaps of savings waiting to be discovered!


Below we offer some valuable suggestions to consider when you’re managing your mobile phone expenses. Quality and affordability can be the achievable duo!


  1. Don't miss out on discounts and offers

Most mobile service providers extend discounts and special offers to their customers, which can translate into substantial annual savings. These can include new customer discounts, double data deals, free months or bundle deals.


  1. See what your bank can offer you

At More, we are part-owned by the Commonwealth Bank and work to provide their retail and business customers exclusive with offers across our mobile and NBN products – allowing them to save money on their monthly bills.


Until 29 February 2024, new CommBank customers who sign up to a More mobile plan get 3 months free mobile plan fees and then 10% off on going (as long as they use a CommBank credit or debit card as their online bill payment method)


This means that an eligible CommBank customer who signs up for our most popular monthly plan – the 25GB plan – could save $117 over 12 months. For data lovers, CommBank customers could save up to $249 on their plan fees for a 150GB mobile plan over 12 months (full T&Cs at


  1. Avoid lock in contracts

Lock in contracts are very 2000 so it’s only fair that customers are opting for flexible plans that can be upgraded, downgraded or switched as needed. Don’t lock yourself into something when life can change.


  1. Don’t pay for data you don’t use

The average data consumption among post-paid mobile customers in Australia is 14.5GB per month. If you find yourself paying for more data than you actually don’t use, you might be squandering your money.


Some providers offer the flexibility to adjust your data allowances each month. If you’re on an 200GB plan but only utilize 20GB of data, it's worth looking at switching to another plan.


  1. Take advantage of databanks

Databanks allow you to save multiple months unused data to use in future months. Over Christmas and New Year we tend to use more data as we’re off from work and travelling around so you can save money by banking your data in the months prior to use when relaxing over summer.


At More, all our customers have access to a minimum 500GB databank.


  1. Consider second hand devices

Second-hand phones offer excellent value for individuals seeking to upgrade their phones without the hefty price tag of the latest models which keep increasing in price. Some newly refurbished devices come with 12-month warranties, providing even greater value to consumers.


Opting for a refurbished iPhone 12 128GB rather than a brand-new one can save you over $400.


You can also trade in old phones for cash or discounts, so it’s worthwhile to look through your drawers and cupboards for pre-loved devices to save some extra money.


  1. Consider paying out your handset in full so you can switch

If you're currently paying off your handset, look at the potential savings you can make by unlocking your phone and embracing the affordability of a mobile provider like More.


CommBank and More research has revealed that 74 per cent of people would prefer to buy their phones outright, enabling swift and seamless transitions to more affordable plans. It’s an upfront investment that can lead to long-term savings and reduced monthly bills.


Remember, your existing mobile number can be ported or transferred to a new provider.


  1. Review roaming inclusions

Before embarking on a holiday, look at your providers roaming packs and inclusions, so you don’t rack up expensive unforeseen mobile bills.


At More we offer affordable travel packs 7- and 14-Day Packs for use in over 65 destinations which give our customers flexibility across data and call inclusions while living their best life overseas!”