For use with NF18MESH above



For use with the NF18MESH. Note that an NF18MESH is required to use this product. Available to More Telecom customers only.


Every NS-01 Satellite includes the CloudMesh WiFi AutoPilot.

The WiFi AutoPilot constantly scans and analyses the end-user WiFi environment. If any detrimental changes are detected, the AutoPilot will adjust the Satellite’s WiFi parameters. Any action taken is based on a patented and weighted algorithm, ensuring that the internet connection experience is not compromised. It will ensure that every WiFi client device is connected on the best possible channel, using the fastest available band, at the perfect RF power level and at the closest WiFi access point.


To operate effectively, multiple WiFi access points within the same environment need a centralized point of assessment and control - the WiFi Analytics Cloud.

The Cloud is performs the CPU intensive processing and uses sophisticated machine learning techniques to detect and recognize historical WiFi environment patterns to avoid future WiFi interference.


Zero-touch provisioning via a user-friendly cloud portal or in-home setup using WPS buttons significantly simplifies and speeds up the deployment of new NS-01 Satellites. It’s a turnkey out-of-the-box solution bringing the best experience possible to our clients and their subscribers.


The CloudMesh NS-01 Satellite is a user-friendly device designed to deliver enhanced customer experience by minimizing common WiFi problems from the device placement to various WiFi interferences. Intelligent software paired with an easy-to-understand LED light panel will help end-users choose the optimal position for the best WiFi performance.

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