Business Phone International Call Rates

See the rates for international calls from Australia from your More Business Phone Service

International Rates to Top 20 Destinations

  • International calling is disabled by default. If enabled it will be to the 20 destinations listed

  • Calling to non-standard destinations must be approved by our Customer Service team. PAYG changes for non-standard destinations will be provided in writing on approval.
  • International calls are Pay As You Go, billed with a minimum call time of 60 seconds and then per second at the listed rates.
  • Due to the variable nature of international call pricing offered by third party providers, Pay As You Go Charges applicable to international calls are subject to change at any time on three (3) days prior notice and the revised charges will be published on our website.

  • To minimise any exposure to international toll fraud attempts, calls to high risk destinations may be blocked by our third party providers. Additionally, your service may be suspended from international calling if there are attempts to call countries outside the 20 listed destinations or there is an unusually high volume of calls to the listed countries. If you have any concerns with this policy or you believe your service may have been suspended in error, please contact us
  • Please note: You are responsible for ensuring that the equipment you use in connection with your Business Phone Systems service is secure. We are not liable for call charges resulting from toll fraud and we reserve the right to pass such charges on to you in full.

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