8 tips to save mobile data

22 August 2023

8 tips to save mobile data

Mobile data has become an integral part of our lives. It has enabled us to connect, create and communicate like never before.

From sharing memorable moments to staying connected with our nearest and dearest, mobile data empowers us to instantly access a vast array of information and services.

However, with this convenience comes the need for caution, as exceeding data limits can result in unexpected charges, much slower speeds, or being cut off completely from mobile internet access.

To help you stay in control of your data usage, here are 8 invaluable tips:

1.     Use Wi-Fi: Connect to Wi-Fi for tasks like downloading large files, scrolling on TikTok, or streaming Netflix. Set apps to update only on Wi-Fi to prevent automatic updates from chewing up mobile data.

2.     Databanking and data gifting: Data use can fluctuate month to month so it’s important to choose a mobile provider that allows you to bank your unused data for when you need it. Also look for a provider that allows you to gift your unused data to a family member or friend.

3.     Restrict Background Data: Many apps and services consume data even when you're not actively using them. In your device settings, you can restrict background data for specific apps, this means they won't use data unless you're actively using the app. Also consider restricting it to Wi-Fi only.

4.     Limit Video Streaming Quality: Streaming videos can consume a large amount of data especially in HD. Many apps including YouTube and Netflix allow you to adjust video quality to a lower resolution. Doing this can significantly reduce data consumption while streaming.

5.     Preload Content: By downloading content in advance, you can avoid streaming or downloading on the go. Download Spotify playlists, Netflix shows, podcasts or maps when connected to Wi-Fi to access them offline later. Take advantage of streaming services’ offline modes to download content for later viewing or listening.

6.     Disable Auto-Play on Social Media: Social media platforms often auto-play videos as you scroll. Over a month, this can add up to a lot of data. Turn off auto-play to prevent data usage on videos you don't intend to watch.

7.     Limit App Notifications: Some apps use data to push notifications. Limit unnecessary notifications in your settings to reduce data usage. It has the added bonus of minimising distractions!

8.     Manage Cloud Sync: Cloud services can use lots of data to sync and back up files. Manage your settings so that uploads and downloads occur only on Wi-Fi or when you specifically initiate them.

When selecting mobile plans, you should also look for providers that offer them flexibility like no lock in contracts so that you can upgrade, downgrade or switch plans according to your data needs.

By choosing a flexible provider and integrating these 8 practical steps, you’ll be empowered to make the most of your data allowance without any pesky, unwanted extra charges or very slow speeds if you run over.